An author of a book, a wife of a husband, a mother of children, a citizen of Poland, a human of the world. That’s Małgorzata Borkowska in a nutshell. Her detailed resume would fill up the pages of several novels. She took to writing in primary school. She wrote a lot, not expecting her teacher’s support. And she was right to do so, because the author has still not received the papers she handed in in the fourth grade.

After a delayed début, Małgorzata turned to thinking. She studied Mathematics and Philosophy at the same time. To make matters worse, she got pneumonia in her second year. It was during the exam session. She had to choose between maths and health. Before defending her Bachelor of Philosophy thesis, she faced a real dilemma. Due to a certain fellow, she had to choose again. This time, between a mathematician and staying sane. She chose the mathematician and has not regretted that yet. She began her PhD in Cultural Studies, but yet another time she had to make a choice, now between studies and children. As a result, she now has three little kids.

In her everyday life, she strives to find the Truth in life and the universe. In the Holy Bible, books and pans. Although, if truth be told, the pans are rather filled with vanity.

It all started with a story for kids. It was supposed to be about little Jim, who was friends with a rabbit. About little Lula, who went for berries to the woods. Then, Toad jumped into the fairy tale, and finally Dragon entered. And so, kids never saw a collection of goodnight stories, but readers got a book. A captivating story of adolescence and adventure. A tale of struggle with the determinism of human fate.